It is the year 2020, no more time for large and expensive clusters.

These days, a modern Data Lake, built in a Cloud environment, should use as much as possible Cloud Native, Serverless services, to get the full agility, elasticity, and efficiency provided by the Public Cloud Paradigm.

In this note, I want to briefly highlight how such a Data Lake can be built using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and how we can use Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADWH) to provide SQL access to data stored in the Data Lake.

I’ll briefly describe what is the best option to store the data and what are the services available to extract, transform, and load the data. Then, I’ll address the steps needed to enable SQL access. …


Luigi Saetta

Born in the wonderful city of Naples, but living in Rome. Always curious about new technologies and new things. I work in a big Cloud Company.

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