Smart Farms: Arduino, Sigfox and Oracle IoT

How to save my beloved “Tina”, and live happy

“Smart Agriculture”, Maker Faire, Rome 2017


Article’s structure.

The first module.

MKRFOX 1200 unboxing.

MKRFOX 1200 (without antenna)
Arduino sketch n. 1: how-to retrieve ID and PAC
Sketch n. 2: how-to send data to Sigfox

Data on Sigfox Portal

List of our registered devices
Messages received
Sigfox geolocation feature

Sending data.

Callback definition
Sigfox: Callback definition
JSON format used by callback

Integration with Oracle Cloud.

Server implemented in NodeJS, Express

The (very) last mile.


One last thing.

Sigfox technical details.

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